Ladies Mentoring

I’m offering a:

3 hour Intro Package

  • for ladies who would like to become Independent Escorts or Massage Attendants.

If you want to:

  • work for yourself
  • develop a website and brand (FYI you will have to get your own photos, though I can recommend photographers)
  • learn how to screen clients
  • design sessions/packages for the rates you want to charge
  • keep all the money you make
  • work on your own terms
  • learn from a woman who’s had a very profitable escort/massage business for 2.5 years
  • be a professional with class, dignity, self-respect and standards
  • be prepared for health and safety concerns; std prevention, birth control
  • want someone to support you through the scary process of starting up on your own
  • have financial needs; student debt, credit card debt, or simply need to clean up your financial future (and you’re open to use this as a way to get ahead in life)
  • want to provide QUALITY service to amazing gentlemen who will want to return to you
  • feel you could put some heart and soul into this work, that you could actually enjoy it, and strive to make a difference in people’s lives

The Intro Package will be 3 hours of mentoring and tech help for $300.

(Additional costs would include your web hosting/WordPress/domain name (about $100) and then whatever photos you choose to get done. Photos can be done cheaply for $100, or up to about $500 for a reputable and experienced photographer.)

I will help you build a brand, a website, get you connections with photographers, and give to you all I know from personal experience as a professional escort/massage attendant. The goal would be to get you ready to start working immediately.

If you’d like further mentoring, beyond the 3 hours, it would be $120/hr.

IMPORTANT: What mentoring is NOT

  • I am not booking clients for you
  • I am not providing a space for you to work
  • I am not providing advertising for you (though I can show you how)
  • I am not doing any tech involving the review sites
  • I am not getting involved with client relationships or your personal life

This service is to provide you all the tools you need to run your own business and handle it professionally with self-respect.

Also note: if you do not have any resources to get started on your own, I do recommend starting at a massage parlour or with an agency who can provide you everything you need without any upfront costs.

You are a good candidate for mentoring if you are:

  • educated (at least partially)
  • NOT heavily involved with drugs and alcohol
  • ambitious and have big plans for your life
  • attractive
  • have street smarts
  • have access to nice clothing and lingerie
  • photograph well
  • enjoy the sensual arts
  • you’re good with men, they are naturally attracted to you
  • have a strong sense of self and know who you are (ie you won’t let this industry change you. You’re strong and you have the ability to keep boundaries.)
  • naturally confident
  • naturally know how to keep yourself safe from harm

If you feel this is right for you, please fill out this application form and I will get back to you ASAP. Please allow 24-48 hours for me to respond. Mentoring can be done over the phone, or in person.

Current MA’s and escorts are welcome to apply as well as total newbies to the biz.

This career isn’t for everyone. You must have courage, and you must believe in yourself. You must have a sense of self-worth and a passion for success. You must be self propelled and you must put your own needs first. You must learn to transcend judgments and social stigmas and find a way of working whilst keeping your own integrity.

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